"If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done." 
Thomas Jefferson 
Integrated Trauma Solutions was formed by Rachel Fairhurst to address the lack of effective, evidence based therapy, training and education for people who are dealing with the onslaught of psychological disturbances and symptoms following complex trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 
Rachel's absolute belief in the strength of the human spirit and the ability to transform trauma is the driving force behind the company and its belief that all services and treatment should be trauma focused and deliver the correct care. Rachel's history of complex trauma and the dire lack of understanding within services and society towards trauma survivors left her determined to take decisive action. She is dedicated towards building a community of trauma educated services and to deliver a highly specialised treatment approach to other survivors. Rachel's principle aims are to aid and train other professionals within social care, charitable organisations and the private sector, while delivering a gold standard treatment to other trauma survivors at her private practice.  
To provide solution focused services of excellence, cutting edge training and educatio to meet the needs of the professionals who work with complex trauma and are in front line roles. To ensure a strategic evidenced base approach is accessible for all who wish to develop skills and stratehy while working with trauma.  
We strive to deliver effective outcomes for survivors and service providers to reduce risk and re-victimisation. We value safe practice and promote services which are in line with safet practice. 
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 Introduction to the organisation  We hold the belief that everyone has a right to life which is free from trauma and abuse perpetrated against them. If Trauma does occur, people have an absolute right to receive compassionate, gold standard trauma focused care, to ensure a successful recovery. We achieve excellent results and this occurs because we are willing to apply all types of methadologies and frameworks gathered from vast training and experience. We think and apply strategies and models which sometimes reside outside of traditional approaches. 
Integrated Trauma Solutions LTD is a developing organisation based near Taunton Somerset. Although we are a private organisation we have strong charitable aims and through resolving the trauma for an individual this in turn improves family relationships and enhances and repairs whole communities. We receive referrals from all over the South West, Including Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, and some from as far as Dublin, Scotland and London. The referrals come from Local Authority, charitable organisations, Schools, and other private organisations. Our therapeutic service is highly successful, and delivers a level of excellence and understanding which survivors found other services have not yet provided to date. The successful outcomes achieved, naturally lead to the prevention of re-victimisation and perpetration. Our objectives are to deliver a one to one service, along with group based interventions, to a high standard, and Rachel Fairhurst ensures all clients care is delivered to an exceptional level. This distinguished level of understanding and care is partly due to Rachel’s personal experience of complex trauma and PTSD. 
Our service is passionate about supporting individuals and services, we offer a number of accredited, innovative approaches, including a level 5, 6 and 7 diploma in “working with complex trauma and PTSD”. Our initiatives and trainings will provide your service with an enhanced delivery for effective outcomes, including specialised psychological education for clients in your working context which can range from sexual abuse, rape, domestic abuse, Mental health, co- morbid personality disorders, young offenders, psychological abuse and neglect. 

Recovery Stories  



Rachel’s awareness of the prevalence of trauma in the Uk begun during her time on a placement in a substance misuse agency. Realising that addiction, mental health and many other difficulties were co-morbid to trauma, Rachel decided to follow her passion for understanding trauma from a micro to macro level. 
Following her research and work, Rachel decided to focus her knowledge into resolving trauma and has developed Integrated Trauma Solutions which applies a therapeutic approach in order to offer a complete model to treating Trauma and the myriad of symptoms and effects that adverse experiences have on people. Rachel has trained in many approaches that have proven to be successful for treating trauma. 

Rachel’s current focus areas: 

Education and Training 
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