Become trauma focused in your care and practice, learn expert skills and specialist solutions to reduce risk and achieve safe, long lasting outcomes. 

Who can benefit from the training? 

Anyone working in education, Children's Social Workers, Adult Social Workers, Substance Misuse Agencies 
Youth Offending, Youth workers, Care leavers, Probation, Clergy, Corporate workplace, Teachers 
Anyone working in institutions, IDVA's, Domestic Abuse Agencies, Housing staff, Mental Health Workers 
Integrated Trauma Solutions can offer in-house training to any service, school or work place setting. Each training is designed specifically to meet your service's needs and requirements. Your agency can be assessed from a top down bottom up perspective and deliver a training to meet the needs of your staff and clients. 
The trainings are designed to be informative, interactive and are evidence based. We can also deliver training to agency counsellors and therapists who are currently working with complex trauma clients and / or with a PTSD diagnosis. 
We can help your work force develop strengths and skills to liaise with service users from a more informed, comprehensive perspective and learn how to protect themselves from vicarious trauma. 
Why would you want your agency to become trauma informed? 
Many current working environments and agencies do not reflect the pervasive levels of Trauma within the communities and sectors they service. Becoming trauma informed means workers can recognise the behaviours, problems and difficulties which are associated with trauma and are indicative of trauma reactions. 
Trauma and PTSD are non selective, anyone can experience something that traumatises them. The effects of Trauma are far reaching and effect the brain functioning. Neurological changes can take place due to unprocessed trauma and keep people in a hyper-reactive place which is reflected in their behaviour. Some people are unable to regulate their reactions under any circumstances. Informed practice and applying the principles of Trauma Informed Practice will aid staff in their roles both personally, professionally and prevent clients from being re-traumatised through uninformed practice. 

What will you learn from our training? 

Each agency will have specific learning goals which will differ depending on the context and environment. 
However there are core subjects which will be included in each training format, such as: 
Key points of trauma, including the different types of trauma and how they develop. 
Understand the stress response and how this impacts behaviour and how to respond. 
How to apply the principles of Trauma Informed Practice and reduce further re-traumatisation. 

Understanding and Responding to complex Trauma in young people 

Trauma Informed Practice Solution's (TIPS) for Vicarious Trauma 
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