CPT is a trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy that helps patients learn how to modify and challenge unhelpful beliefs related to the trauma they have experienced.  
Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) was originally created to help women who had experienced sexual trauma and to process the abuse they had experienced. However, due to its success, it is now used for processing other traumas and can be applied within the framework of treating  
Very often trauma clients will exhibit over-accommodation of the traumatic experiences, completely altering their view of the world in such a way that it can often lead to them being unable to experience intimacy and trust.  
Avoidance of strong emotions is common in clients who have experienced trauma, whilst some people are able to almost completely numb their emotions. CPT elicits exposure and then assists clients to differentiate between unhelpful thoughts and accurate interpretations.  
Unhelpful cognitions and other 'sticking points' are targeted for processing, in order to help clients explore how their trauma has changed their thoughts and beliefs, and how some of these ways of thinking may keep them stuck in their symptoms. 
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