Rachel Fairhurst is an absolute visionary who specialises in resolving complex PTSD, PTSD and Trauma. Her innovative and unique blend of treatment brings resolution to people who have experienced ongoing, deeply ingrained mental Health issues as a consequence of trauma. 
Rachel, who works and teaches internationally, is regarded as a specialist who is fearless at defying traditional and historical approaches to therapy and navigates the realms of treatment which go beyond traditional clinical methods. Her techniques use innovative approaches drawn from the disciplines of Psychology, Neuroscience, Mental Health, Conscious Connection and the workings of the Human Energy FIeld to name a few.  
Rachel is dedicated to helping people become free from traumatic mental health issues, and her treatment has recovered people who have been considered beyond recovery. She finds the most effective approach to facilitate the transformation of trauma, the integration of consciousness and awareness of self, so that people can move into a deeper sense of flow and experience life with a healed heart.  
Thank you for finding your way to me, if you are here it is probably because you would like some help with something. I often find people who come to me have experienced very similar lives to me, or within a continuum of experience. I think one of the main reasons people connect with me is because I am not afraid to push the boundaries of their perception, and healing complex trauma includes our perception of self. I am not afraid of trauma or how it feels and as a practitioner I am happy to navigate people out of the abyss, which at times can feel all-consuming to someone who has trauma. I can identify the core problem and we often do not need to talk about it in depth, however there is a specific strategy I follow.  
The key message here is that there is a solution, there is another way to live life. We all have a choice and I would like to help you experience choosing something different to find this new life. It's the right time to be pushing the boundaries we have around our belief systems and it is time to question the current reality; is our reality defined by what we experience? Is it time to change our experience? I think so.  
My main aim in life is to push as far as I can, to break down the doors of perception and to challenge and defy the current services which are delivered as Mental Health Services. I am currently consulting to change policy and legislation, to change the world's approach to mental health and to people who are in trauma. There is absolutly no need for people to experience psychological, emotional, mental and spiritual pain, or have a life of medication to numb or manage it. I offer change and I offer resolution to people who have complex PTSD, and I now offer resolution to people who have been incarcerated in psychiatric units with specific diagnosis.  
I am offering a new concept - it is one where there is no space for continuous collusion with a belief system that doesn't provide what we need. I want to change the possibilities of your life and those of everyone who has experienced trauma. How can I do this? Well, I have extensive experience of trauma and of many co- morbidities which are often associated with trauma. I can problem solve symptom clusters by using my extensive knowledge of neuroscience , psychology, mental health, strategy, analysis and my keen ability to tune in and explore your energy which, like trauma, is ubiquitous yet invisible. We are allowed to be who we are without trauma and we are allowed to step into our deeper sense of who we are, free from trauma, and find our flow.  
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