"If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done." 
Thomas Jefferson 

Our Therapists 

Rachel Fairhurst 
Rachel Fairhurst is a highly experienced trauma focused practitioner and is used to working with people who have experienced severe trauma and multiple forms of abuse. Rachel has a very directive approach to treatment and has an absolute belief in the will power of the human spirit and its capacity to transcend trauma. Rachel will work in partnership with you on your recovery journey and will expect a 100% commitment from you and your investment in the therapeutic programme and your investment in your self. Rachel’s multi dimensional model of treatment is highly effective and provides a solution to a previously untreatable and hidden problem. 
Deirdre Shortt MIACP 
MSc Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy, Holistic Psychotherapy 
BA applied Social Care, EMDR 
Diploma in working with Complex Trauma & PTSD (current) 
Deirdre is a passionate and patient therapist and works with teenagers and adults who have complex trauma. Deirdre's passion is to provide a safe space for people to feel seen, heard and understood in a safe empathic way. Her main aim is to empower people to find healthy perceptions of themselves and strengthen their resilience in order to gain self mastery. Deirdre believes every person deserves to live a life free from the effects of trauma and abuse, therefore follows the ITS strategy to resolve trauma in a safe, effective and efficient way. 
Amie is a highly experienced therapeutic counsellor, initially working and gaining intensive experience with children and teenagers in residential care homes. This is where Amie’s passion for becoming solution and trauma focused began. Amie’s observations of traumatic symptoms and the impact on children inspired her to further her education and become a trauma focused practitioner. 
Amie has trained with Rachael in Trauma focused practice Diploma 5 and EMDR to support children and teenagers process their trauma. Amie implements the recommended tri phase approach and enjoys working with children and teenagers using various creative interventions including art, drawing, music and clay to help children and teenagers connect with her as a therapist and also themselves as people. 

What you can expect from us 

All therapists are trained by Rachel Fairhurst in the Tri phased multi model approach and are highly skilled in the application of multiple psychological processors, including EMDR, CPT, STAIR, and are supervised by Rachel 
• A complete trauma focused assessment 
• A strategic treatment plan 
• Specialised psychological education embedded within the therapeutic process 
• On going evaluation and measurement of treatment progress. 
• Specialised trauma processing and use of multiple trauma processors, including both bottom up and top down models. 
• Specialised integration work to support your journey into a new way of being. 
You will have the same appointment time each week, this is agreed with your therapist and will last 1 hour. 
All other terms are agreed within the therapeutic contract. 

What we expect from you to experience the best possible outcomes 

Please attend all the appointments on time. 
Complete any set homework prior to the next session. 
Practice the tools and techniques at home and in between sessions 
Commit to your recovery journey 
Believe in your strength the way we do 
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