Resolving Trauma, Restoring People 

Children and young people with complex needs often find it difficult to cope with daily life and struggle to apply themselves within traditional educational settings and other contexts of life. This is often due to the symptoms of their previous experiences. Children who have a history of trauma are often unable to regulate themselves and struggle with being in a contained environment. 
Having a natural setting with the support of horses and our highly trained staff provides a foundation for learning and a secure environment where regulation naturally occurs. 
Our programmes incorporate social and emotional development with trained, trauma focused, wellbeing, educational and equine therapists. The programmes offered are either for one to one sessions or group based learning. 
A twelve session programme address the interpersonal and intra-personal difficulties young people experience following ongoing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE). Traumatic experiences leave an array of complex attachment issues and children develop unhealthy coping strategies and cognitive distortions to accommodate the trauma. These strategies and distortions are what underpin the future issues of behaviour and self identity and often lead to future re-victimsiation. 
Working through a trauma focused, structured programme which can be delivered with the use of horses and clinical approaches aids regulation, processes the trauma and achieves a better level of psychological functioning. 
Equine Facilitated Therapy is a high impact slow release experience. Horses offer safety and trust in relationships with no agenda. Helping young people to gain skills with: 
Emotional Regulation 
Anger resolution 
Alternative Response systems 
Anxiety Reduction 
Stress Management 
Relationship Skills 
Communication Skills 
Building resilience 
Each child is given a number of different tools and techniques for them to practice and use in different contexts. These act as transitional objects and help children to remain connected to the work we do. 
Our specialised assessment process is non invasive and helps children to feel comfortable and engaged with the process. This builds trust and creates a strong foundation for a positive therapeutic relationship. 
Equine Facilitated Learning and Therapy fits into the first and Third phase of treating Trauma. The second phase is achieved through applying appropriate processors which meet the individual needs of the child / young person. 
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