Welcome to your third module of EMDR, a highly comprehensive and intensive learning experience. You will gain insight to the neurobiology of emotion and learn how to apply the protocol effectively and safely with more complex issues. 
An in-depth training connecting all learning to establish solution-focused outcomes for the people we work with.  
You will be taught how create highly successful outcomes using a multi-modal strategy for combined processing.  
The focus of the course is to support your transition into becoming effective and relaxed practitioners.  
An exploration of working with EMDR and somatic experiencing dissociation,. Again, this is highly intensive and experiential. You will have the opportunity to advance your knowledge and understanding of EMDR so you have an embodied sense of knowing. Every aspect of the full course is to offer you a road map and strategy to apply and utilise the three phased approach to working with trauma.  
Again, we start this course by consolidating our experiences and learning from the previous weekend. We will also share our success stories and reflect on how our learning of emotion regulation has advanced and enhanced our practice.  
Recognising and responding to the partnership between trauma and addiction is imperative for supporting a successful recovery. We explore the different complex aspects of addiction and how to work with it from a trauma-focused perspective, meaning we implement the three phased approach in unison with the EMDR protocol for Addiction. 
Working with trauma and the body, we explore a somatic experiencing EMDR protocol, underpinned with the science of physiology. Helping people to feel safe in their bodies is an essential aspect to recovering from trauma. A large percentage of people who experience trauma carry the traumatic shock and experience with them throughout life.  
The SE approach aims to safely release traumatic shock 'frozen' in the body at times of overwhelm, allowing for a natural transformation of both PTSD and the wounds of emotional and early childhood trauma - Peter Levine 
Life is an endless stream of experiences. Many people experience multiple, single traumatic events. These can be worked on independently and systematically, however there is a strategy to which one you target first. We will implement the EMDR protocol in partnership with a multi-modal approach to learn how to process a single traumatic incident.  
Finally, you will get multiple EMDR practices in over the two days. You will be working in small groups and experience the delivery of EMDR and receive EMDR. 
Online trainings are slightly different - you will experience lots of techniques, however the Protocol practice will need to be recorded with a volunteer for observation and feedback. 
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