Do you work with children and teeagers who have experienced adverse childhood experiences? If so, then this cutting edge training is for you!! 
A cutting edge, professional training in how to work with people whom have trauma and behaviour related issues 
This diploma is designed specifically for people who work with young people and adults in any type of supportive capacity. Many practitioners working with children and teenagers in services such as youth offending, foster care, children’s homes and pupil referral units and social care are aware of trauma informed work, however we, at I.T.S believe we all need to go a step further and raise our standards of practice and enhance our knowledge of trauma. All material is underpinned by neuroscience and and combined with cutting edge information gathered from across the globe.  
For people to develop into stable adults with healthy levels of psychological functioning they need to feel safe, this course strategicly forms and develops your awareness and understanding of bottom up brain engagement to support a sense of safety and to enhance emotionally corrective experiences.  
The overall course aims are: 
• To establish an excellent understanding of and identification of ACE’S and the implications and impact on the person. 
• Gain a solid foundation of relevant theories and a deeper understanding of the impact of trauma on the development of body, brain, emotions and relationships and psyche. 
• To develop a greater awareness of the impact of traumatic symptom clusters and map behaviour which is reflective of these symptoms. 
• Design strategies to amend and process these behaviour patterns 
• To provide practical and helpful interventions when working with children who have experienced trauma 
• To promote a deeper capacity to reflect on working practice and the impact of working with traumatised individuals 
• To critically examine the first phase of the TRI phasic model within working with complex trauma and PTSD 
• Safely and strategically apply specific trauma focused protocols. 
Explore and understand the neuroscience of trauma and the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) 
The ethos at I.T.S is to promote and develop an integrative knowledge base to bring understanding and resolution to the effects of trauma. During this course you will learn specific theories to create an integrative application of trauma focused theories and models, such as EMDR, Poly Vagal , Emotion regulation , attachment and a number of different stabilisation methods. 
This cutting edge training in working with trauma is open to counsellors, psychologists, psychotherapists , youth offending workers, school counsilors, foster carers, or other mental health professionals. If you would like to find out more please  
The course explores the impact, accommodation and assilmiation trauma has., how to offer a solution focused approach to resolve behaviours and unhelpful coping strategies traumatised people use to manage their lives.  
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